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A Nice Little Poster

January 29, 2014

For the game tomorrow.


Just a Few Weeks Away…. Louisville vs. the Wildcats

December 4, 2013  |  Design, Sports


Sophisticated Living Magazine Ad

October 29, 2013  |  Design


UofL Magazine Ad

August 15, 2013  |  Design

Sent to the printer. I’ve been working on improving my Typography skills and came across an excellent article that covers everything and everything typography. I highly recommend taking a look if that is your sort of thing. You can view the site HERE


HDR Shoot: GHN Wellness Center

July 23, 2013  |  Design, Sports

UofL recently opened a new workout/wellness facility open to all faculty and staff on campus. I had the opportunity to take a few shots on a visit down the other day. You can learn more about the facility HERE






A Nice Kickball Team Logo

June 25, 2013  |  Design


HDR Photography UofL Style

May 20, 2013  |  Design

Had the opportunity to shoot the new fountains installed on the north side of campus.  Turned out really well.  All HDR processing is done in Photoshop.  The lights in the fountains change periodically and really make the water pop and gives the new entrance a uniquely beautiful look.

I plan on taking some more night time shots of campus.  If there is anything in particular you would like to see, send me a email and I’ll see what I can do.

LouisvilleFountain1 LouisvilleFountainPurplejpg LouisvilleFountainRight COBweb


A Nice Postcard

March 19, 2013  |  Design


Quality Typography

October 29, 2012  |  Design, Sports

to get me through a Monday :)


Arbys and Wendy’s Logo Updates

October 18, 2012  |  Design

Times be a changin’. Arby’s and Wendy’s both have recently unveiled new logos for their famed fast food businesses.


I always kind of dug the old Arby’s logo.  A western style logo with a classy font. The new version incorporates the hat as well but does a terrible job on the font.  Really no capital A?  Not that crazy about the 3-d gradient mesh look either. The white shadow is WAY overdone.

I do enjoy the color change, the deeper shade of red works.  I also dig the apostrophe.  Reminds me of a meat slicer, guess they are going after the whole fresh food concept.


Although Ms. Wendy is probably one of the most recognizable faces around, I could see the need for a bit of a update.  The previous logo lives up to the Old Fashioned part, but I still like the font.

The update is obviously more focused on our girl Wendy, which is not a bad thing. Gone is the boxy ice cream parlor look.  I wish they had incorporated the older style font somehow instead of this hip Wendy’s font but hey it is a newer, cleaner look.

It would be nice to see fast food restaurants and all businesses in general put more of a focus on the quality of their product instead of their branding.